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For men who wish to grow from male to female breasts, there are quite a few male breast enhancement methods available. Growing male breasts is by no means an easy task, but many men have done it which shows that it is possible to do. In this article we will take a look at some of the most popular breast enlargement methods.



Surgery for growing male breasts is not as popular as it used to be, the reason being that the results haven't been very good, often quite poor in fact. Male breast augmentation surgeries many times come out looking very unnatural because men usually don't have much extra tissue around the chest area to work with. Men usually also suffer from side effects more than women. The price of a breast enlargement surgery is also often too much for most men wanting to grow breasts.


In later years the "breast enlargement for men" business has grown a lot and unfortunately this always brings out some scam artists. There are all kinds of pills on the markets that are supposed to grow you some nice female like breasts. The fact is that most of these are pure scams and have nothing to do with actually helping you to grow male breasts. It is recommended to stay away from these products since you can't be sure of what they contain.


The natural method to grow breasts for a man has been reported to be the most effective one. It doesn't grow anybody a D-cup breasts, but it has gotten some noticeable results with most who have tried it. The natural breast enhancement techniques were actually first developed for women, but soon it was noticed that those same natural herbs and breast massage techniques work for men just as well. This method is also the only one that is completely safe.

Female orgasm is easily achieved when a woman's erogenous zones are thoroughly explored. In fact, some women have even reached climax solely on foreplay alone. Below are the 4 sensitive erogenous zones of a woman that most men spend the least time on.

The female erogenous zones are the parts of the female body that are extremely sensitive to touch. By stimulating these erogenous zones, women will receive sexual pleasure. Men should know these erogenous zones, as well as learn how to optimally use them to their advantage, pleasing the woman sexually.

The location of these zones are far and wide, as they are located all over the female body. Apart from the G-spot, There is the clitoris, the vaginal entrance, the breasts, and the lips, just to name a few.

Since the clitoris is the most sensitive area of the woman's body, remember to save it for last. How you begin to explore your woman's erogenous zones is completely up to you.

You can start from top to bottom or choose random places to explore as you go on. The lips are a very sensual organ; where once stimulates, she will will become more horny and sexually receptive.

This is one erogenous spot you must explore first. Next time you kiss, reach deeper for her tongue. As you do so, run your fingers through her hair or brush her face with the back of your hand. This will definitely set her senses tingling.

Women enjoy gentle massages on her breasts. Fondle them as you suck on her nipples as how a baby would suckle from her mother. Most women would prefer you to be gentle on her breasts. Applying too much pressure can cause her pain.

The list of female erogenous zones is pretty long and the ones that turn on one woman may not turn on another. Every woman is a significant individual when it comes to sex.

Explore her entire body to find out what works for her; it will be a treat for both of you. In fact, the entire female body in itself is an erotically-charged erogenous zone, just waiting to be ravished.

The important thing is how to deal with that body. Communication during sex helps greatly. Some women prefer making love with the lights on while some prefer to get it on in the toilet.

Finding out what are her sexual desires would be the first step to a 切片化驗 woman's orgasm. Once you have made her climax once, it will be much easier to start a whole wave of orgasms immediately after that. Just keep caressing, fondling, kissing and licking your woman during sex to spice up her orgasm.

Always take the initiative to improve on your bedroom skills by talking to her. Finding out exactly what excites her in bed. If she enjoys sex toys or sex enhancement creams, do give them a try. You might even enjoy them, too!